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Through the NSAPCC, the Government of Nagaland commits itself to help the state achieve its developmental goals through a path that will enable conserve its natural resources without compromising on livelihood and food security. The state visualizes the Action Plan to serve the dual purpose of integrating climate concerns in its developmental plans into the future and achieve a low carbon inclusive growth, while ensuring complementarity with and contributing to the national agenda on climate change. The strategies and actions developed in the NSAPCC also address the capacity building requirements vis a vis the institutional, technological, policy, risk sharing and the financial needs for climate proofing vulnerable sectors.

Vasudha Foundation personnel were involved in drafting the Energy  and Urban Development sector papers for the state climate action plan of Nagaland.


Draft Copy

The State Action Plan on Climate Change for Sikkim seeks to devise strategies to address the concerns of the state pertaining to water, agriculture, forests, energy, urban and rural habitats, and communities. The Action Plan would strengthen the policies and programmes of the Sikkim government that have been undertaken in the past two decades to protect ecology and environment for sustainable and inclusive development of the state.

Vasudha Foundation personnel were involved in drafting the energy sector paper of the Sikkim State Action Plan on Climate Change.

Sikkim STATE Climate Action Plan in the making

Brainstorming workshop

Brainstorming workshop of the energy working group before the finalisation of of the Sikkim State Climate Action Plan in Progress on 17th February, 2011; In Sikkim Renewable Energy Agency (SREDA) conference hall, nodal officers from the Energy department, Urban Development Department, PHED and Irrigation Department, Transport department and SREDA joined Vasudha Foundation’s Srinivas Krishnaswamy and Soumya Tripathy to review and brainstorm on the draft sector reports. The whole process of formulating a state climate action plan for Sikkim is being driven by the Science and Technology Department t. in collaboration with GTZ.. Vasudha Foundation is helping prepare the energy components of the State Climate Action Plan.