“Fulfilling the Paris Agreement: Pathways to Accelerate Clean Energy Deployment in Developing Countries”, CSO Panel discussion at the World Bank Spring Meetings 2016

Vasudha Foundation organised a panel discussion on “Fulfilling the Paris Agreement: Pathways to Accelerate Clean Energy Deployment in Developing Countries, at the Civil Society Policy Forum at the World Bank Spring Meetings, on Friday, 15th April 2016.

The interactive discussion moderated by Mr. Srinivas Krishnaswamy, Chief Executive Officer, Vasudha Foundation, aimed to understand some of the actions already initiated by various stakeholders in accelerating clean energy deployment in fast developing economies such as India and seek stakeholder’s views and perceptions on possible actions to further accelerate the deployment process in conformity with the long term goal of the Paris Agreement.

Ms. Julia Bucknall, Practice Manager, World Bank Group, opened the discussion with her interesting views on pathways for countries to scale up renewable energy, energy efficiency. She also threw light on how the World Bank will align its future projects in line with the Paris Agreement.

Mr. Ethan Zindler, Head of Policy Analysis, Bloomberg New Energy Finance highlighted some key take a ways on energy policy developments impacting renewables, bio-fuels and energy efficiency with his presentation “Clean Energy in Emerging markets. Emphasizing on large potential for growth in the clean energy market in the developing nations.

Ms. Karen Orenstein, Friends of the Earth, USA added the perspective on Climate Finance with a focus on the Green Climate Fund with her brief presentation titled “Climate Finance + Green Climate Fund. She highlighted some of the grey areas for climate financing in the Green Climate fund arena.

Mr. Ilmi Granoff, Senior Research Associate at the Overseas Development Institute shared insights based on his latest research publication with The New Climate Economy on Scaling up Clean Energy Investments, with his presentation titled “The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate”.

Mr. Scot Sklar, President, The Stella Group wrapped the session with his engaging presentation on Powering Community Infrastructure Using High Value Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage and On-Site Renewable Energy”. He gave examples of the Stella Group’s diverse clean energy initiatives powering local communities across the globe.

View Presentation by Ms Karen Orenstein

View Presentation by Mr. Ilmi Granoff

View Presentation by Mr. Scot Sklar 


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