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"A Not for Profit Organisation set up in April 2010 with the belief in the conservation of Vasudha, which in Sanskrit means the Earth, the giver of wealth and with the objective of promoting sustainable consumption of its bounties"

Our Mission & Objectives

Our Mission

Promote environment -friendly, socially just and sustainable models of energy by focusing on renewable energy and energy efficient technologies and lifestyle solutions.

We believe in the conservation of Vasudha, which in Sanskrit means the Earth, the giver of wealth. We believe in the sustainable consumption of its bounties.

And we believe in adopting green-ways for a good Earth.

Our Objectives

  1. Bring about reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the environment and ensure energy efficiency, energy security, energy independence, and sustainable development.
  2. Develop the Demand for all modes of Renewable energy (Solar, Wind Biomass-based Power Generation.
  3. Promote the concepts of energy efficiency (Energy-Efficient Buildings; alternative building materials and eco-friendly lifestyle products.).
  4. Create awareness about the potential and benefits of alternative modes of energy generation by setting up show-case models
  5. Promote the concept of “Low Carbon Solutions” and “Green Economies”
  6. Promote environmentally sustainable products, processes and concepts for individuals, institutions and organizations by interfacing between manufacturers, vendors and customers.
  7. Research, document, and prepare reports to build awareness on Renewable energy issues.
  8. Innovate renewable energy and energy efficiency applications.
  9. Establish training programs